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Relax. I'll get you there.

Only authentic leadership is smart, sexy & successfull. 

I take you from functioning to enjoying your new identity

I'm Tina Rapp. I'll help you lead yourself at your best as you build your own business. Become crystal clear about your very own wants and needs and grow into your new role as a leader by moving into the precision of the flow and aligning your thoughts, actions and deeds.

Always driven by creativity I started my carrier as a media designer and copywriter. Moving pixels and choosing the right words were my first chance to play with creativity and communication turning visions into reality.


Exploring how communication works made me diving deeper. I became an art therapist, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. This gave me a new picture of creativity, helped me listening to my body and knowing how to calm my mind which created a new level of clarity and easy.

Learning by doing helped me experiencing insights you wont get out of any book. Fancy strategies and tipps for reducing stress or making best decisions became superfluous.


Sharing my insights has helped me master what I've learned and makes me better every day.


Tina Rapp

What I do


I'll show you how to open the dialogue between body and mind. Become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.


Be grounded, balanced and less stressed.

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I train you to relax smarter and think faster. 


Creating new patterns and developing higher awareness will help you make better decisions and achieve amazing results.

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I'll guide you step by step to unleash your creative genius, explore new perspectives.


 Dissolve your limitations

and enjoy growing into your new identity.

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Growing into your new identity with ease needs: 


Being clear about what you want and need will drive you to make the best decisions.


A new level of clarity will help you prioritize intelligently and increase your energy and outcome.


Always be one step ahead.

Know how to calm your mind and think faster.


With a crystal clear goal, you can make the best decisions, act quickly, and focus on achieving it.


Learn to easily enter your flow state and create your incomparable results.


Develop strong courage and have fun stepping out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic happens.

From employment
to entrepreneurship

"I've always been curious about what life has in store for me and intuitively understood that my perception of the world arises from my thoughts. After just a few sessions with Tina I really started to understand what this means and I feel more alive and clear. I'm more composed and find it much easier to solve problems.

Becoming an entrepreneur presented me with many unexpected challenges and required courage. Working with Tina has helped me to clearly identify and resolve my limitations.


Consciously growing into my new role makes it easier for me to make decisions with confidence and to lead my company authentically, without burning out, but rather to grow and live out my full potential.”

Mareike Pisall, Entrepreneur

Leaving the comfort zone is stressfull...they say...

I say it can be easy. Your mind simply needs to be trained to know and recognize the wide range of thoughts and experiences it creates for you. You need to know that you always can choose to participate or be in the moment. Where everything is fine. 

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