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Less stress
More success 

Imagine being relaxed and calm. Creating a new level of success within no time and ease.

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Hi, I`m Tina Rapp

I train you being less stressed within a couple minutes per day, creating amazing clarity. Making better choices and achieving great results with ease. 


I am a professional therapist driven by creativity and thrilled about the human body with its amazing ability to make us feel alive and the mind producing endless thoughts, breaking all limitations, creating anything we can imagine.  

More than 20 years ago I started studying and exploring how to use this gifts best. Today I share how to open the dialog between the body and the mind - the key to calm the restless mind. Creating clarity and generating a reservoire of inner peace and an extra amount of energy. 


Exceptionalism is a journey

Do the finest work a human being can ever do. Open the dialog between body and mind. Develop higher awareness.  

Step one

Open the dialog between body and mind. Become more aware of your thoughts and feel less stressed.  

Step two

Develop a higher awareness. Make better choices and

enjoy amazing results. 

Step Three

Do the finest work a human being can ever do. Optimize daily.

That's the DNA of mastery. 

It's a choice to go high.

Your body gives you the power to move through life. When your body is strong, healthy, and resilient, life is enjoyable. The key is knowing what parts of your body govern your vitality and how to ajust them. It just takes a little time and effort, like anything that's good in life.